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Top Ten MicroSD Memory Card Popularity Ranks

I believe some people will think that the capacity of smart phones is not enough anyway, right? In addition to placing some files such as films, music and documents, as well as video and audio recordings, and even app applications with increasing capacity, have been occupying a small amount of space left. In addition to being able to use on smart phones, other things like motion cameras, driving recorders and miniaturized media playback devices need to be expanded through microSD memory cards.

However, the capacity specifications of microSD memory cards are quite different, ranging from 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB to 512GB, and the transmission speed standards are "Speed Class" and "UHS". The beginner really does not know how to buy them. Today we're going to introduce the tips for selecting microSD memory cards, and recommend 10 items to you. What kind of microSD is better for you? Let's keep looking.

Key Points of Selection and Purchase of MicroSD Memory Card:

At first, Pay attention to choosing a good quality SD card, because picture recovery is a very troublesome thing, but when your data is lost, you have to face it.

When buying a microSD memory card, the most important thing is to choose the capacity and transmission speed according to the use, so that it will not be wasted money. Next, we need to explain separately, there are also some small details and additional functions that need to be paid attention to. I hope you can select the products that meet your own needs according to these items.

It would be more reassuring to choose high-capacity goods above 64GB.

As the picture quality of smart phones and devices for shooting photos and videos is getting better and better, the capacity of a photo or a film is becoming larger and larger. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a memory card with larger capacity when selecting. For example, the capacity of 4GB can hold about 12 million pictures, 4-minute 4K movies, 30-minute FullHD movies, 1,000 pieces of ordinary sound quality music. If you are used to storing high-quality or high-quality files, you can hold very little information.

Others will be used to moving apps to memory cards, each app will take up about 100 MB to 2 GB of space. If you just want to accommodate these apps, about 32GB to 64GB is enough, but if you add photographs, films, and other files such as documents, music and so on, it is better to choose more than 64GB style.

Identify the required Speed Class (transmission speed) depending on its use.

Memory card reading and writing speed is related to the smoothness of reading data and taking photos and videos, so we must choose the right products according to the use and habits, so that we will not have a bad use experience. Usually, the transmission speed will be marked as Speed Class's special graphics in the entity. Next, we will differentiate the transmission speed according to the use and explain the suitable transmission rate. Please make sure to choose according to your own needs.

Class 10 is usually enough for everyday use.

Speed Class indicates the basic transmission speed of memory cards. For example, the most common "Class 10" at present is that it can transmit at least 10MB of data in one second. On the memory card itself, it will be marked with a number in the middle of the word "C". It is worth mentioning that since the standard below C10 is an early specification, if you read high-quality photographs or videos, memory cards that do not reach C10 may have carton status. Please pay attention to the labels on the packaging or the memory card itself before you buy them.

In addition to the Speed Class logo, some styles will write the maximum read/write speed on the memory card appearance. Compared with Speed Class's "guaranteed minimum read/write speed", this labeling method is "maximum read/write speed" determined by the manufacturer itself. Usually, this label will be expressed in the form of "0MB/s", which represents the maximum number of MB (Mega byte) per second. If a faster transmission speed is needed, it is suggested that the appropriate commodity can be selected by referring to this value.

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